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1,001 scary ideas, reviews & recommendations on "terror-ific" ways to spook your friends, enemies, & yourself!

Your guide to the best of everything for
scaring people out of their wits!

Welcome, fellow fright fans! As you browse this site, you'll discover the top scary pranks, horror movies, creepy music, spooky stories, eerie places & "haunted attractions". Bookmark this page now to check back for new additions. Better yet, subscribe to the "Fright Club" e-zine and RSS service!

discolor Payback time?

Has someone scared the pants off you? One good scare deserves another! Now it's your turn to get your kicks with Scared-Out-of-Your-Wits! Browse the

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Scary Pranks
section for the perfect "trick" for them...and what a "treat" it'll be for you!?

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Win Monthly Drawings & Contests!

Help make this the #1 fright site!

First, tell your friends who are also fright fans about this site. Next, submit your own "scare tactics" or reviews on your favorite spooky movie, book, place, haunted house, etc.

To read how this site came to be, click on the "My Story" link over on the left!

One last thing I'd like to mention... I'm in the scriptwriting stage of producing my very own first horror movie :-) and the proceeds from my sites are going to help fund it. So, if you'd use my affiliate links for things you be ordering anyway, if you buy through my links you'll be helping to bring about the scariest movie of all time. ;-) Thanks!!

Scary stuff...it's not just for Halloween anymore!

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